Ministry of Justice Guinea


Vision and Mission of the Ministry of Justice:

The Values that support the justice reform are: Integrity, Rigor, Equity, Trust.

The Mission entrusted to the Reformation is to ensure the rule of law, respect for human rights and gender equality in Guinean society and restore public confidence in its justice system

The Vision defined aims at an independent, fair, professional, accessible, integrated and humane justice capable of reassuring the population and investors, and which contributes effectively to the fight against impunity.

The 4 intervention axes are:

– Access to law and justice

– The independence of a responsible magistrate

– Reinforcement and enhancement of human and institutional capacities

– The fight against impunity

For more information about the judiciary system in Guinea, read:

"Organisation Judiciaire de la République de Guinée"

Organisation :

To fulfil its mission, the Department of Justice includes:

  • A General Secretariat;
  • A Cabinet ;
  • National Directorates;
  • Renewed Services;
  • Advisory Bodies.

The Minister’s Office includes:

  • Chief of Cabinet
  • A Technical Advisor;
  • A Counsellor in charge of the promotion of the law and the Justice of Proximity;
  • A Consultant in charge of missions
  • A Cabinet Attaché.

Support Services are:

  • The General Inspectorate;
  • The Office of Studies and Judicial Reforms;
  • The National Criminal Records Service;
  • Financial Affairs Division;
  • The Human Resources Division;
  • The Information and Archives Service;
  • Central Secretariat.

The National Directorates are:

  • The National Directorate of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms;
  • The National Directorate of Judicial Affairs;
  • The National Directorate of the Penitentiary Administration.

The attached services are:

  • Judicial Training and Documentation Center;
  • The Guinea Arbitration Chamber.

The Public Program is: The Program of Judicial and Penitentiary Infrastructures.

The Advisory Bodies are:

  • The National Commission of OHADA;
  • The Commission of Advancement and Discipline of Magistrates of
    Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Central Administration;
  • The Disciplinary Council.