Ministry of Justice Guinea

Minister of Justice Guinea – Cheick Sako


Maître Cheick Sako

Minister of Justice
Minister of State
Keeper of Seals

Term: 2014 – Present

Read the Minister’s accomplishments in his mandate (French):

The law is tough, but it's the law

The law is the emanation of the people par excellence of any society in love with justice and peace. The cornerstone of this protection is the judicial organ.

The judicial system in Guinea is characterized by the efforts undertaken and made by actors of all kinds, with the aim of modernizing it so that it gets out of the way. Through the implementation of several reforms of the justice sector, Guinea is gradually taking steps by equipping itself with the means and institutions to make this justice independent, fair and respectful of human rights.

I am therefore pleased to welcome you to this site which immerses you in the heart of the judicial system and brings you closer to justice.

Through this portal, you have the latitude to follow all the efforts made by the Government under the high impulse of the Head of State, His Excellency Professor ALPHA CONDÉ, to modernize and humanize justice.

Long the heart of various speculations, today the Justice is closer to the population and offers the opportunity to Internet users, in an instant, to access the courts, consult the laws, to monitor the work carried out by the Ministry, to take note of your rights and duties.

It is in this word that I suggest you to learn and understand the two concepts of the life of a state of law and democracy:

First our rights:

Everyone has the right:

  • to access Justice regardless of its condition (gender, age, culture, nationality …);
  • the examination of his case by a judge;
  • that his case be heard (the judge has the obligation to render a decision);
  • to be judged according to the same rules of law and procedure;
  • to know the demands or reproaches of his opponent and to have the time and intellectual means to understand them and prepare his defense;
  • to express oneself in one’s language;
  • to be assisted or represented by the defender of his choice;
  • to be judged by an independent, impartial and neutral judge;
  • challenge a court decision by appealing to other judges.

Our Obligations:

Everyone must respect the laws and regulations in force. Violation of life in society, laws and rights of others may involve:

  • civil liability: we are liable for the damage we cause to others;
  • criminal liability, in the case of an offense provided for by law: contraventions, offenses, crimes.

Finally, the values ​​that support the reform of justice are: Integrity, Rigor, Equity, Trust.

This site is therefore a platform of exchange and consultation and in this sense, I would like for you, the users, that you are getting the most benefit from the transparent, interactive and dynamic information it offers.

Happy navigation.
Maître Sako, Minister of State, the Minister of Justice, Keeper of Seals.