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Budgetary Session

Budgetary Session

This Friday, 5 October 2018, at 10 p.m. was the opening ceremony for the first regular session of the year 2018, known as the “budget session” in the National Assembly, in the presence of high figures, The Republic, the minister counsellor responsible for relations with Republican institutions, representatives of constitutional institutions, members of the government, Excellency members of the diplomatic and Consular Corps, representatives of international institutions, chief of states, among others, and Of course the honourable members.

Here’s an excerpt from the speech

(…) honourable members, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,

This session opens in a context which was preceded, one month rather, by a debate on budgetary guidance and the adoption of the amending finance law 2018. in the face of the countless challenges, the National Assembly encourages the government to It has undertaken to improve the functioning of our institutions following our recommendations from this debate and those previously made during the work in committees and in plenary by national representation.

The session also opens in a context of past and future elections, which will certainly record the installation of municipal councillors shortly.

The context is, finally, dominated by a climate of misunderstanding in which we are currently working, which can compromise the future of our children and the becoming of our nation.

In view of the forthcoming electoral deadlines, I invite from this rostrum all the political actors to play the major role, which is theirs, for the consolidation of the social fabric and the development of our young democracy

It is the place to greet the actors of all political persuasions for their involvement, through this monitoring committee, in the peaceful conduct of the electoral process. Let them all thank you. (…)

The figures are sufficiently illustrative to highlight these efforts by the government to improve the macro-economic framework and to initiate the march towards economic and social development.
The gross domestic product (GDP), which was 43.387 billion gnf in 2014, experienced a gradual trend which reached 99.558 billion gnf in 2018

Finally, the growth rate of 4.5 % in 2014 increased to 6 % in 2018 (despite the two-year development), which allowed the balance to pass from – 1.424 billion in 2014, + 929 billion in 2018.

This encrypted statement justifies the significant budgetary effort that each of us must rent to be honest and patriot.

During the budgetary orientation debate, I encouraged the executive to take into account the recommendations of the private sector and civil society to mobilize much more public revenue in order to provide the state with sufficient domestic resources to meet the needs Financing of the treasury as part of its operation and financing of public investment.

Within the precise framework of governance and financial transparency, our institution continues to call on the government on the need to produce draft regulations to enable a better readability of legal authorizations for revenue and expenditure.

In the same vein, with regard to the monitoring function of government action provided for in the constitution and conferred on the National Assembly, it will take initiatives during this session to establish parliamentary information committees and , where necessary, commissions of inquiry, in order to assess our rules and other financial structures to ensure that they comply with the appropriate standards provided for in the law on financial governance of public institutions.

It is time for us to act together to guarantee our compatriots the social progress they aspire to by focusing on work to create wealth, which can only be done by ridding ourselves of these habits of ease, violence and invective in which the Guinean society.

Our political differences must not lose sight of the bulk of our fight against the many challenges facing the people. Each of us has some administrative or political level that it must consider itself a variable of progress and salvation and function as such for a better living together.

Nothing must distract us to face these great challenges facing our country, such as the lack of jobs for young people, the fight against poverty, access to basic social services, the low level of infrastructure development etc. In this regard, ladies and gentlemen, we should like to congratulate the government, which is making significant efforts to deal with it.

Our Country, which draws its inspiration from its history and builds brick by brick with the ardour and motivation of its sons and daughters, must reject all catches of subjective positions that do not gather, which threaten national unity and stability of the Country.

To do this, we must fully assume our ideas with responsibility for qualitative change, without denying the deep values that underlie our identity.

I hope that it is only the concern of our country’s best interests that guide our efforts to collectively build a strong, prosperous and democratic nation. ” ”

It is on these words that his excellency the president of the National Assembly, honourable Claude Kory Kondiano, declared the work of the budgetary session to be opened for the review and adoption of the original Finance Act 2019.

You can also find the highlights of this ceremony on the official Twitter account of the ministry of justice @minjusticegn