Ministry of Justice Guinea

The Attorney General, Maurice Lamey Kamano is solemnly installed.

The Supreme Court of the republic of guinea has sheltered the swearing-in hearing of the new attorney general near the supreme court on Thursday, 20 September 2018, in the presence of the Minister of State, Minister of Justice, Custody of the Me, Cheick Sako, and several high magistrates.

The full speech of first president Mamadou Sylla

Ladies and gentlemen of the court,
Ladies and gentlemen
This swearing-in hearing will mark the entry into office and the installation of Mr. Maurice Lamey Kamano, here, appointed attorney general near the supreme court by decree no. 136 / PRG / Sgg, dated 06 August 2018

Mr. Attorney General
Here comes another first contact with the judicial institution, contact of another nature, different from the one you lived for over three decades, in a moment when your family, friends, all your loved ones and yourself are all at The Joy of your appointment to one of the highest functions of the highest judicial jurisdiction of the state, whose requirements, and even contingencies, will now bring your life to new energy and guidance.

Receive, by my voice, the congratulations of the court to which you now belong and whose members welcome you with the thoughtful urbanity that suits the and collaboration.
For having lived, a few years ago, as attorney general and as the first president, such moments dominated by both joy and faith, I measure the strange feeling of ambivalence that lives in you, at the moment when the supreme court Must receive your oath, as a new member of the judiciary, new member of the court and new chief of the general prosecutor’s office.
You will learn to know, in other ways and in other ways, this institution that you have long attended and, above all, learn to serve the public prosecutor’s office, which you have often been opposed or which has occasionally been attached to causes and Cases you were wearing and represented interest.
You will rediscover the courtroom, but on the other side of the bar, certainly you will see the decor differently and, silently remembering some memories, you will smile inside.

Mr. Attorney General,
The solemn swearing-in ceremony this morning meets the requirements of articles 11 and 13 of organic law 054 / cnt of 7 May 2013 on the status of judges. You have just lent, with solemnity, the oath to set your duties, in the double quality of magistrate and attorney general, invested in the high responsibilities attached to belonging to this prestigious body and to this so heavy and exhilarating function, built on Values of dignity, boldness, intransigence, objectivity, neutrality, say high ethics, which characterizes men and women of honour.

You’ve already sworn in, oath of another order, another professional body, that of a lawyer. I therefore do not doubt that you know the meaning and fundamental and common values of a profession contained in the text. But let me remind you that the text of the oath, which you have just lent, contains the quintessence of the profession of magistrate you kiss and that of the missions inherent in the high responsibilities that the laws have assigned to the judges of the supreme court of .
By this oath, you join another permanent system of ethics and ethics, and you sign up again in a corporation of men and women who will, by their moral posture and daily actions, have the foundations of security and Peace of life together.

Mr Maurice Lamey kamano
It is certain that from now on you will get used to not being called ‘ Master ‘, to hear ‘ ‘ Sir ‘, since you leave the lawyer’s dress to take the magistrate’s dress. It is the oath that prints the dresses symbolism that honors the bearer.

Having said that, it does not seem to me superfluous to point out that the profession of magistrate is an eight-Branch Star, which is the intangible and immutable principles of the exercise of the burdens that you now have, namely independence, the Impartiality, competence, honour, dignity, loyalty and integrity; all virtues that are familiar to you, since your previous profession shares them with the present.
I am a magistrate, understand that I cannot resist the possessive inclination to recall the beauty and nobility of my profession, an exciting but difficult profession, a profession of commitment, which places the judge at the heart of society. The difficulty of our profession lies in the obligation of the judicial institution to give every citizen the certainty of his impartiality and moral probity, excluding any mental restriction and any behaviour that may give the impression of a party taken from the judge who chose Be a neutral referee.

You will therefore need to reconcile the old habits of the lawyer, a litigant of a cause and individual interests with this austere atmosphere of the procuratorates, which you are now the chief, to aware the bugle of the law and make the sound of the general interest , on the basis of neutrality and objectivity.
My duty, in this particular circumstance, is to be of interest to you, to tell you what you already know. Not just a formality, the oath is not to forget. He must follow the applicant throughout his career and burn in his heart and memory all his principles of integrity, probity and respect for the law. It is these principles that serve as a benchmark and make the profession of magistrate very exceptional.
Our profession, as I said earlier, is difficult, on the one hand, because of the lack of resources within the judicial institution, which prevents the production of maximum quality benefits, on the other hand, because of the The extent of the responsibilities that require constant questioning of what we do and what we decide. Under no circumstances should these difficulties justify the individual weaknesses that we could give.

Being a magistrate has an obligation to accommodate the citizen, to allow the people to express themselves, to be listened to; it is also constantly questioning, often doubting, trying to understand always, trying to do the part of things between sincerity, Mistake and lie and decide. It is also to discover, every day, all the facets, sometimes surprising, sometimes astonishing, of human nature.
Being a magistrate, you already know, Mr. Attorney General, is not only a profession. The Judiciary is a state of mind and a commitment of heart, with a view to bringing solutions to sometimes lively disputes, responding to urgent demands for justice and, consequently, reducing tensions, with a view to restoring the Balance, to ensure respect for the rights of everyone, to protect against each other’s aggression, to accompany and assist people in difficulty, to analyse and advance the law in a constantly evolving social, legal and human environment.

In the logic of articles 13 to 15 of organic law 054 / CNT, the swearing-in is, on the one hand, a compulsory formality for any magistrate, when he is appointed to his first post, and before To take office, because any judicial act carried out by a magistrate, who would not have been sworn in before, is liable to
On the other hand, it is the occasion for an important installation ceremony, which aims at two objectives: on the one hand, officially and solemnly hosting the new member, in his new professional family and, on the other, presenting him to the city and The Nation, so that no one doubt its quality and the legitimacy of the acts it poses.

The image of a nation, a country, a region is projected by justice. The Basic, efficiency and credibility criteria that sit in this justice are other than the personality, will, effort, understanding and mutual support of its members.

In its public service mission, the supreme court, placed at the top of the judicial pyramid, must, in my view, demonstrate easy openness and accessibility. As members of the court, we will make decisions in collegiality and in degree of cassation, in the service of the citizen, society and the state. I am convinced that you will be following me, Mr. Prosecutor-General, by my side and those of all our collaborators, for the administration of high-quality justice prescribed by law.
Thus, we will devote ourselves, as judges of this prestigious Supreme Court, to our respective functions, with loyalty and confidence.

The loyalty that allows everything to be said, to put everything on the table and trust that encourages nothing to hide, so that in the exercise of our respective responsibilities, our decisions are taken in good time and that our collaborators retain the interest Vigilance and the dynamism of a fruitful collegiality.
I congratulate you, Mr. Prosecutor, on the choice that calls you and you will commissioned and especially for your brilliant professional journey; I urge you to make the immense contribution that your colleagues are expecting from you to restore the coat of arms of the

May God grant us the spirit of discernment of Solomon, to allow us to be equal to all those who address our institution and believe in justice, both in the expression of our face and deliberations, and in our decisions, So that no privilege of fortune can hope for our partiality and no weak will despair of our justice,

We have promised and solemnly sworn, pursuant to article 30, paragraph 2, of the statute of judges, to prohibit us from any attitude, manifestation or action contrary to our duties of reserve, Independence, impartiality and loyal judges Including:
• Any demonstration or political position as well as any concerted action that may impede the proper functioning of the court;
• Any taking or conservation of interest in any form, directly or by person, in an body on which the court’s checks are carried out;
• All forms of discrimination.

The Judges of the supreme court, I strongly recall, cannot exercise any other public or private activity, no elected mandate or any gainful activity, subject to scientific, literary or artistic or charitable work, not contrary to interest Service or society and human rights.
In my voice, the members of this court are pleased to welcome you to our large judicial family composed of nearly 400 judges.

By sending you all our warmest congratulations on this installation oath in your new functions, we assure you of our trust and availability, so that your new missions will be carried out in the best possible conditions, those that are waiting for The Judiciary and our citizens.
On these words, and by renewing our vows of success, the court gives you an oath of the oath and refers you to the exercise of your duties at the head of the general prosecutor’s office near the supreme court.
Says that, at the same time, it will be drawn up in accordance with law, and that the head of the court’s registry will give you an act, all in accordance with
Thank you

Mamadou Sylla