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Presentation of the Guinean Penitentiary Administration

Since 1984, the Guinean Penitentiary Administration is under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice.

The National Directorate of Penitentiary Administration and Reinsertion (DNAPR) is managed by a national director appointed by decree. He is assisted by a deputy appointed under the same conditions as him. For its operation, the DNAPR and its deputy are supported by support staff who deal in particular with the management of the prison staff and the supply and the restoration of persons deprived of their liberty.

Guinea has twenty-eight functional prisons divided as follows:

  • Eight (8) Central houses located in each administrative region (Conakry, Boke, Kindia, Mamou, Labe, Faranah, Kankan and Nzerekore)
  • Twenty (20) civilian prisons located in the administrative centers of the different prefectures

Organization : See decree D / 201/309 / PRG / SGG of 31/10/2016 on the legal regime of penitentiary institutions (title III, page 14).

Missions : see organic framework of the Ministry of Justice.

Normally, Central Houses are expected to receive long-term prison sentences [1].

Moreover, the decree D / 201/309 / PRG / SGG of 31 October 2016 on the legal regime of the penitentiary institutions (PI) stipulates in its article 2 that the PI include:

  • the central houses,
  • prisons and correctional institutions
  • detention centers, reeducation and socio-professional reintegration for minors

The staff :

The staff of the Prison Service, prior to Decree D / 2016/310 / PRG / SGG of 31/10/2016 on the special status of the staff of the Prison Service, consisted of:

  • Supervisors (H / A)
  • Educators or socio-educational staff (H / A)
  • Prison guards (H / B)
  • Prison clerks (H / B)
  • Supervisors (H / C)

Currently, according to Decree 310, it is composed of:

  • Inspectors (M / A)
  • Controllers (H / B)
  • Executing Agencies (H / C)
[1] Nomenclature amended by Decree D / 2016/309 / PRG / SGG of 13/10/2016

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